Commissioner:  The Commissioner is responsible for overseeing all of the affairs of MTG, including but not limited to: presiding over board meetings; enforcing the by-laws of MTG; facilitating the delegation of tasks to all Board members and ensuring that such tasks are performed; and acting as the primary spokesperson for the organization.

When and why did you join MTG?

 I joined MTG in 1999 when I decided to take up tennis and was also looking for a way to meet more people in the LGBT community.


When and why did you become the Treasurer?

 I became the Treasurer at the end of 2000. From my first doubles party (run by Stuart Framm), I was grateful for what I felt MTG was doing for me and wanted to give something back.


 What are some of the pros/cons of your position?

 Being on the Board for this long has offered me the opportunity to meet and spend time with so many of our members that I might not have had the opportunity had I not been on the board. I feel I am able to best serve the group in this capacity as I am strong with #s and, detail-oriented to a flaw, I am quite adept at organizing and overseeing our tournaments. The con would be that from February through July, all my time is committed to the Marsha Day MTG Club Championships and the Liberty Open, which does not leave me any free time. Once the Liberty is over, I need to take some time off and then don't play for a while which is a drawback to me. That being said, I am actually happiest when at the 2 tourneys and dealing with everyone.


 How long have you been playing tennis?

 I really started playing in 1999.


 Tell us more about your tennis background...

 I had always liked tennis and played it a little at camp when it was assigned but never really tried playing more as I bought into the stereotype that I could not possibly be good at sports. I grew up watching tennis and always loved it. My only sport really as a teenager was ping-pong. I had bought myself one that allowed for one side of the table to fold up so you could practice against yourself. Not knowing I would play tennis in the future, it actually has helped me at the net as it helped me develop faster reflexes; not that the volleys stay in always, but that is another story...

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