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The software used in conjunction with the Marsha Day Memorial MTG Club Championships is provided by the Gay Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) which is the governing body for the 60+ international tournaments on their circuit, and of which MTG is a member.  Even though this tournament is not part of the circuit, nor do you earn ranking points for playing, we do use this software.   The online application may be a confusing process so we wanted to give some info for your reference to make it a little easier. 

To go directly to the online application, please go to the following link:


You will be at the tournament’s home page which contains important tournament information including dates, contact info, events and divisions, etc. 

STEP 1:  Click the “Click Here to Enter Online” button.  You will then be asked if you have an existing account/profile from previous GLTA tourneys or previous Marsha Day Memorial MTG Club Championships and have saved your info.   If you do not have an account, that is fine but we recommend it.  It is free and saves your vital info so the next tournament you register for, all you have to do is log in and the info will be there.  Please note your payment info including credit card and banking info does not get saved.  You can still register online and mail a check in if you do not wish to pay online.  It is your choice.

STEP 2:  Once you are signed in, you will now be taken to the” Regulations” page which contains more info on the tournament as well as indemnification language that you need to click the “I Agree”  button.

STEP 3:  Now you are at the “Personal Details” page.  If you logged on using an already existing account or one you just created, all that info should appear.  If not, you should put the info in the appropriate fields.  Please note: Your GLTA member ID is the last 6 digits of your social security number.  It is not your MTG username.   For the Club field, please enter MTG.   You will see the USTA NTRP uses levels by .5; GLTA uses letters for division.  Below is a corresponding table to show what levels you should sign up for. Even though we have created divisions by USTA NTRP levels, the software stills asks for the division.  The name of each event also includes the corresponding GLTA letters to help avoid confusion.

As a reminder, all entrants must have a current MTG or USTA rating (within the last 6 months).  If you do not have a current one, you will need to play an MTG event that has a rater, prior to this tournament.


Men’s Singles: 5.0 4.5  4.03.5 3.0 < 3.0
Men’s Doubles: 5.0 4.5  4.03.5 3.0 < 3.0
Women’s Singles: 5.0 4.5  4.03.5 3.0 < 3.0
Women’s Doubles:  5.0 4.5  4.03.5 3.0 < 3.0
Mixed Doubles: 5.0 4.5  4.03.5 3.0 < 3.0


STEP 4:  You have now finished the “Personal Details” page and now are at the “Events Details” page.   For this tournament, please note you can only sign for 2 events since we are a 3-day tournament.  The abbreviations for the events can be confusing.   The first letter distinguishes whether it is Men’s (M), Women’s (W) or Mixed (X).   The second letter is for Singles (S) or Doubles (D).  The remaining letter(s) distinguish the GLTA level (Open, A, B, C or D).  For doubles, if you know your partner’s name and/or GLTA ID #, please put in the appropriate fields.  If you do not have a partner, don’t worry.  We will find you a partner so please sign up and click the “Partner Wanted” checkbox.

STEP 5:  Now comes the “Extra Items & Remarks” page.  If you are not a current member, you can pay for the pro-rated membership on this page by checking that field ($25 for membership through August 31).  You can also choose to donate to our charities.  Our charities this year are the Marsha Day Fund and GLSEN.  The tournament page on MTG’s website gives more info on these worthy causes and we encourage you to donate what you can. 

STEP 6:  On the next page, you now have the option to review and verify your entry.  If you approve it, please click “Submit.”  If you do not submit it, the application will not go through.  You should get an automated confirmation from the application.

STEP 7:  Now on the Payment page, you can choose to Pay Now or Later.  If you choose “Now,” you will be taken to PayPal to do online payment.   You do not need to have an account with PayPal nor do you need to create one.  If you have a PayPal account, log in and submit your payment.  If you don’t have an account, you will have the option to enter your credit card or banking info.  If you choose “Pay Later,” you are all done for the moment.

STEP 8:  You will receive an automated response from the software site and, within 48 hours of submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation from the tournament director.  If you chose not to pay online, it will also provide info on sending in your payment.  If you do not receive an email from the tournament director within this timeframe, please check your spam folder first to see if you received anything from or  The first email you receive from the tournament director will ask you to click a button to confirm receipt; please do so as this will let us know your email address is properly stored in the database and that you will be able to receive important info regarding the tournament as it gets closer.

Even if you are paying by check to be mailed in, we encourage you to still fill the application out online as it enters you directly into the database and helps insure your info is entered as you wanted. 

Of course, should you have additional questions about the application or the tournament, in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the Board at

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