Communications Director

Duties of the Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for overseeing communications with the membership including, but not limited to, newsletters, electronic communications, website updates, and surveys.

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 When and why did you join MTG?

I joined MTG in 2011. I had picked up tennis, a lifelong interest, only the year before. A friend of mine was already a member of MTG and introduced me to it. I started with the Beginner Parties, and then my involvement grew from there.

 When and why did you become the (Board position)?

I became Communications Director in December of 2014. As a writer and editor, I thought I could bring my skills to the role. And I wanted to be more involved in MTG, with the goal of making it bigger and better. 

What are some of the pros/cons of your position?

The pros are being able to make MTG communications more fun, giving a voice to the group that reflects how welcoming and vibrant the group is, and communicating with members. The cons are trying to keep track of and update all the different modes of communication: our website, email blasts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It can be overwhelming. 

How long have you been playing tennis?

I'd never picked up a racket before October 2010. 

Tell us more about your tennis background…

Growing up, I loved watching the Grand Slams on TV. When I moved to New York, in 2001, I began going to the Open. It wasn't until the 2010 Open, when, sitting in Arthur Ashe, I thought, Why don't I just learn how to play? It took me a while to get into tennis, but now that I am, I'm into it deep. I've progressed from about a 2.0 to a 3.0+.

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