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Welcome to MTG!

The Board of Directors for Metropolitan Tennis Group (MTG) would like to welcome you to the biggest LGBT tennis organization in New York.  We have over 300 members, many of whom play regularly in tennis leagues that we offer throughout the year. The main goals of MTG are to:
  • coordinate and promote the sport of tennis for its members for pleasure, recreation, and other non-profit purposes;
  • promote and support local, national, and international tennis activities;
  • encourage the sharing and development of skills for all of its members; and
  • sponsor and promote social activities for members and non-members.
So basically, we make it very easy for you to get involved, meet a bunch of new people, network within the tennis community, and organize more tennis events than one person could ever possibly play. We're a very welcoming group, we like to have fun, play hard and enjoy some laughs when it's all done. We hope you'll join us.

Membership Testimonials

"It had been twenty years since I'd last lived in NYC. Just when I thought I was finding my circle, the financial crisis hit; people lost their jobs and left; and I found myself starting all over again. Joining a new group is never easy. Maybe they’ll accept me. Maybe they won’t. But secretly you always hope to meet those people who slip right through your skin, evade your prejudices and make you want to fall in love. I never thought I'd be so grateful to so many of the people I've met through MTG. If you’re thinking of playing with us, just remember: in tennis, you’ve got to know when to take your chances."
- Jimmy Han, member since 2010
"My experience at MTG has been fantastic. Being a newbie both to NYC and to tennis, it was a great way to find people to have a hit with, coupled with the added bonus of making new friends as well. My fears of not being a good enough tennis player were unfounded - everyone was friendly and welcoming and I found that all levels of skill were represented, from total beginners to advanced. The choices of activities, from social to competitive, are many and varied, with flexibility and no pressure - I could do as little or as many as I wanted. I would totally recommend joining."
- Constantine Hatzis, member since 2010

"When I joined MTG in 2009, I was hoping to meet people to play more tennis.  Two years later, not only can I find a quick pick up game, but I have formed strong friendships with a wide variety of people.  It is a great organization where you can just be yourself."
- Juan Arevalo, member since 2009
"I've been involved with MTG since it started some 25 years ago.  I've made many lasting friendships through MTG, both on and off the courts.  MTG is very welcoming to tennis players of all levels, from beginners to advanced.  The playing parties and summer ladder are a great way to meet people at your own playing level.  The tournaments are both fun and competitive.  My favorite MTG yearly event is the Liberty Open where players come from all over the country and the world to compete at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.  Being a member of MTG has been a great experience that I'd recommend to anyone looking for great tennis, having fun and meeting new friends.
- Linda Clark, member since 1993
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