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Sponsorship Director: Russell Rising

The Sponsorship Director is responsible for creating, building and solidifying sponsor affiliations for MTG. The duties of the Sponsorship Director include securing sponsors who can donate funds or provide services beneficial to MTG; managing all sponsorship related activities and events; developing corporate partnerships and support for t-shirts, raffle prizes and other items connected to major MTG events including the Liberty Open and The Matthew Shepherd Jam; and applying for grant monies on behalf of MTG from organizations that support tennis (e.g. USTA).

Why did you join the board, and what are you looking to accomplish for MTG?

In the mid-1990s, I joined MTG to reignite my passion for tennis and connect with the city's tennis community. The league's diverse events provided not only a platform for regular play but also a welcoming space to forge enduring friendships and tennis partnerships. This marked the beginning of my journey into competitive tennis, where I participated in my first tournaments.

My tennis history dates back to high school in the 1970s, with a hiatus during graduate school and a resurgence in 1988 during my fellowship in Phoenix. Returning to New York in 1992, I actively played, eventually meeting my husband, Dennis Loleng, through MTG.

Professionally, I've spent 40 years as a research scientist in nutrition/exercise, holding professorships at institutions such as Columbia University. Currently, as a full adjunct professor in Shanghai and a real estate sales agent with Sotheby's International Realty, my aim on the MTG board is to enrich the tennis experience and cultivate an inclusive community spirit.

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