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The Sponsorship Director is responsible for creating, building and solidifying sponsor affiliations for MTG. The duties of the Sponsorship Director include securing sponsors who can donate funds or provide services beneficial to MTG; managing all sponsorship related activities and events; developing corporate partnerships and support for t-shirts, raffle prizes and other items connected to major MTG events including the Liberty Open and The Matthew Shepherd Jam; and applying for grant monies on behalf of MTG from organizations that support tennis (e.g. USTA).

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When and why did you join MTG?

Finding people to play with in NYC is hard enough. And I wanted to play with other competitive players. After some research, MTG was the one group that really stood out to me.

When and why did you become Sponsorship Director?

There are tons of tennis leagues in NYC but there is only one league that caters exclusively to LGBTQ players. That makes us different. It makes us unique. And it's something to brag about! But not enough people know about MTG and I want to change that and help MTG go more mainstream.

What are some of the pros/cons of your position?

The pros of this position are definitely going to be getting the MTG name out there in the world, and getting more people to play with us. The con is definitely going to be the fact that sponsorships aren't something that are given out like candies at a doctor's office. They take work to acquire. And some of the obstacles I'm going to face in this role are not only developing an "identity" for MTG but also figuring out the demographics and the "who we are" aspects of the league.

How long have you been playing tennis?

I played in middle school leisurely and wasn't as invested in it as I was soccer. I played soccer for seven years and didn't pick up a racquet again until I was in my early 20's.

Tell us more about your tennis background.

The first time I picked up a racquet, I was terrified. I always remember watching Roger and Serena make serving, and moving around the court look so effortless. And I never thought I had that technical aspect of the game. I chose soccer over tennis, and I'll always regret never sticking with tennis in middle school and high school. I would have loved to have competed at the D1 level, but that's life.

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