Metropolitan Tennis Group

Commissioner: Seong-Moh Yang

Photo of Moh Yang

The Commissioner is responsible for overseeing all of the affairs of MTG, including but not limited to: presiding over board meetings; enforcing the by-laws of MTG; facilitating the delegation of tasks to all Board members and ensuring that such tasks are performed; and acting as the primary spokesperson for the organization.

Technology Director:
The Technology Director shall be responsible for the maintenance and administration of MTG's technological infrastructure, which includes the website, email accounts, social media accounts, file shares, and other Internet-enabled services. The Technology Director shall work with the respective Board members to ensure that website content is accurate and current. The Technology Director shall work with the Treasurer to ensure payment for site hosting, domain registrations, and other Internet-enabled services.

Why did you join the board, and what are you looking to accomplish for MTG?

Tennis holds a special place in my life; when I am not working or sleeping, you will most likely find me on a tennis court! MTG has opened so many doors for me to follow this passion, and the sense of community I developed through MTG has given me a profound sense of belonging that has transformed my life. Through MTG, I have not only found like-minded tennis enthusiasts but also a family. I have also formed some of my closest friendships off the court through events organized by MTG. After being a member for 11 years and enjoying these privileges, I knew it was time for me to finally give something back.

Initially, I volunteered as Technology Director and then had the opportunity to serve MTG as Commissioner. Today, my goal as Commissioner is to elevate the visibility of MTG and create an environment that enables a fun and engaging member experience, make meaningful connections on and off the court, and cultivate an inclusive community where everybody feels welcome and is united by our common love of the game.

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