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If you are already a MTG member, you may be well aware of the variety of tennis and social events that MTG offers and the staffing required to organize and execute these events. What you may not be unaware of, however, is that volunteers are needed
at every level of MTG’s operation to keep it functioning at a high level. Volunteers are needed not just at our playing and social events, but also in our behind-the-scenes projects and endeavors as well. (Website enhancement, recruitment, grants writing, insurance processing…just to name a few.)  

Volunteering is an enriching, rewarding and fun way to participate and contribute to the MTG community. We welcome those
with specific expertise, such as architects, bankers, lawyers, teachers, painters, parents, event planners, producers, activists,
archivists, editors, photographers, videographers and builders to step forward and contribute their talents to MTG. 

The success and future of MTG depends on its volunteers. Volunteer contributions help stabilize and grow MTG’s infrastructure. Volunteer contributions also foster growth, nurture intimacy and help define our unique LGBT community. You also get to
meet many of our members in the process and help solidify a social network with personal interaction and intimacy.

It’s a win-win situation. Won’t you step forward and volunteer today? For all of the latest information on volunteer opportunities, please contact us at Let’s get you started today!

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