Metropolitan Tennis Group

Secretary: Kevin Ko

The Secretary is the custodian of all non-financial records of MTG, its officers, and established committees. The Secretary keeps timely records of all non-financial proceedings, correspondence, rules, policies, or other documents pertaining to MTG activities.

Why did you join the board, and what are you looking to accomplish for MTG?

I've been a member of MTG since late 2019, so I am relatively new. Since joining, MTG has quickly grown to hold a special place in my heart, and I want to contribute to this warm community. I am committed to  bringing affordable tennis programming to the queer community and to making it easier for fellow players to discover hitting partners in an open and playful atmosphere. 

I began playing tennis unwillingly in my youth as someone "who is not athletic" and am amazed at the progress I've made. It's now one of my singular passions; some might say I'm obsessed. While I've found it's true that a New Yorker is always looking for a job, a romance, or an apartment, for me, tennis is a vital constant, which allows me to do all of those with vigor.

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