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Terms of Membership

MTG exists to promote interest and participation in tennis among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender men and women; to encourage fellowship among its members in an athletic environment; and to foster support and interest from the entire community. By being a member of MTG, you are bound by our Terms of Membership, Code of Conduct, and Bylaws. MTG reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

General Terms

  • Membership is open to anyone 18+ years of age, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
  • Consent to use your name or image may be used on this website or in connection MTG promotional materials unless you affirmatively indicate otherwise.
  • Members’ data profiles (except street address and birth date) will be accessible to other members of MTG.  Members may modify profile access rights within the permissions templates set forth in his/her own profile.
  • Any dispute that arises shall be arbitrated in the City & State of New York under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. New York State law shall govern and all arbitration will be done at your own expense.

Code of Conduct

The following guidelines are set forth to foster and promote a positive, amicable and enjoyable playing atmosphere for all Metropolitan Tennis Group (MTG) members. 

It is the mission of MTG to create the healthiest social and playing atmosphere for every member (and nonmember) who plays at an MTG event or attends one of its other functions.

The following rules outline what is unacceptable conduct. Our Code of Conduct, as set forth below, will be enforced by the Board of Directors or its agents, and will serve as a basis for possible disciplinary action against any offender who engages in inappropriate conduct outlined below or who exhibits any conduct that is detrimental to the welfare of MTG and its members.

  1. All players shall engage in the highest degree of sportsmanship when playing a tennis match or practicing/hitting with other members, which includes arriving on time to matches and events and giving ample notice for cancellations. Cheating and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Questionable/close line calls will be resolved amicably;
  2. No stealing or theft of any kind (from facilities played in, from other members); no borrowing of equipment without permission;
  3. No unauthorized use of court facilities or equipment therein;
  4. No destruction of property—personal, league or otherwise;
  5. No sexual harassment or harassment of any kind;
  6. No inappropriate communications (i.e., improper, aggressive, or offensive), oral or written (including text, email, or other written instruments of communication), either circulated or made public in any way (via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platform), directed at any MTG member or guest, with the intent to harass, embarrass or otherwise injure a fellow MTG player or guest;
  7. No racquet-throwing or other flagrant and/or destructive displays of anger and frustration;
  8. No profane language, or offensive gestures or other communication that may offend fellow players;
  9. No pranks, horseplay, mocking or other behavior injurious to any fellow members;
  10. No threats; no fighting, no aggressive behavior, verbal or physical; no provocation or inciting of members to fight or engage in aggressive behavior;
  11. No falsification of membership information, USTA ratings or information on the membership or event registration forms;
  12. No carrying or use of weapons, firearms or weapons of mass destruction (except your serve!);
  13. No deliberate causing of delays, disruptions or disturbances on/off the court;
  14. No insubordination or willful disregard of directives (referees, MTG Board members, facility staff);
  15. No fraud, breach of trust; no criminal activity of any kind;
  16. No retaliation, no stalking;
  17. No discrimination based on racial/sexual/religious/disability criteria or otherwise;
  18. No yelling, booing, heckling, taunting or name-calling;
  19. No lack of courtesy or etiquette when meeting up with opponents at net after the conclusion of matches;
  20. No assault and/or battery; no deliberate bumping during changeovers; no deliberate slamming the ball at opponents;
  21. All fees for events and membership dues shall be timely paid;

22. It is desirable that all MTG members and non-members display the highest moral character, behavior and leadership at all times.

Please follow these guidelines and make MTG the most pleasant and enjoyable playing atmosphere it can be!

MTG By-laws

MTG has created By-Laws, outlining the self-imposed rules that regulate the organization's own actions. For more information, Download a PDF of MTGs Bylaws here.
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