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Communications Director:

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The Communications Director is responsible for overseeing communications with the membership including, but not limited to, newsletters, electronic communications, website updates, and surveys.

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When and why did you join MTG?

I've attended events here and there since 2013 but didn't join as a member until Spring 2018. Seeking out tennis players and matches on my own was too daunting, so I figured that the structure of a league would make that process easier and give me a venue for forging new friendships.

When and why did you become Communications Director?

I became the Communications Director in September 2018. My career has largely centered on brand design, marketing, and strategy, and combined with my previous experience serving on the Board of Chicago's Second City Tennis league, I knew I could put forth my strengths to amplify the league's mission to reach as many new and returning players alike.

What are some of the pros/cons of your position?

I can't think of any cons (yet), but I think the biggest pro is being able to use my professional strengths to support a sport and city that I love.

How long have you been playing tennis?

27 years!

Tell us more about your tennis background.

My dad started teaching me how to play at age 9. It was largely recreational until I started high school and played on the JV team my freshman year. I made Varsity my sophomore year and played singles and doubles until I graduated. I played off and on during college and beyond, but it wasn't until I joined Chicago's LGBTQ+ league many years later that I began to play regularly became more involved with promoting a league. I basically stopped playing when I moved to NYC because I didn't want to bother demystifying permits and finding new people to play with, but I came around eventually.

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