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Social Events Director: David Reid

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The Social Events Director shall be responsible for developing, planning, and overseeing the schedule of social activities and events for the membership including, but not limited to, securing event locations and preparing other necessary arrangements.

When and why did you join MTG?

I joined MTG in 2005 because I wanted to compete in the Liberty Open. I used MTG at the time to secure regular practice in advance of the tournament. To my surprise, I really liked how MTG ran its tennis events and was impressed by the variety of events all over the city.

Tell us more about your tennis background and how long have you been playing?

Growing up, I struggled with severe asthma, which prevented me from participating in sports as a kid. I outgrew the worst part of my Asthma in my mid teens, but by then I wasn't good enough to play tennis in JV or Varsity teams.

I come from a family of amateur athletes that loved to play tennis. My parents, my five siblings and my cousins all play. I even had my Uncle Whitelaw, who was a national champion well into his 80s. They all inspired me to play at an early age.

When I moved to New York in the 1990's, I was healthy enough to play and was eager to find tennis opportunities, To my dismay, I found the playing of tennis in NYC cost prohibitive. The few league and playing opportunities I discovered were all pricey and unappealing. Thankfully, MTG introduced me to a whole new world of tennis that was affordable and fun. I could start as a beginner, take lessons, play events, meet new friends and even compete in tournaments at my level.

When and why did you become Social Events Director?

I became Social Director in January of 2018. I have extensive experience in creating and running events within the LGBT Community, including LGBT Leo Bar, a monthly networking event for LGBT Asian professionals at Asia Society, now in its 15th year. I hope to employ my experience to make MTG a more vibrant and alluring group.

In addition to helping grow our membership and provide social events, I aim to increase the number of beginner ("D") players both in MTG and at the GLTA Tournaments around the world.

What are some of the pros/cons of your position?

I see my position as only positive and exciting. I endeavor to spread the word about the amazing offerings provided by MTG. I hope to create social opportunities for all our members to not only get better acquainted with one another, but also to encourage members to ourtreach to other folks interested in learning about MTG.

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