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Duties of the Social Events Director

The Social Events Director is responsible for developing, planning, and overseeing the schedule of social activities and events for the membership including, but not limited to, securing event locations and preparing other necessary arrangements.

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When and why did you join MTG?

I joined MTG in Fall 2015, in time to play in the 2015-16 Winter Doubles League.  I was a 20+ year member and board member of ATTA (the GLTA club in Atlanta) and played the Liberty Open in 2002, so I knew to look up MTG when I moved here.

 When and why did you become the Social Events Director?

I’ve just become the Social Events Director (September 2016).  I knew I wanted to get involved, and this is one of the few positions I never held in Atlanta.   Everything is very different here, from court availability and expense, to concentration on singles vs doubles, to individual vs team league play, to having (or not having) a central home base.  I’d like to find some activities that allow our members to get together and have some fun off-court.

 How long have you been playing tennis?

I started playing tennis in the summer of 1971; my next-door neighbor (and babysitter) played for Adelphi , and she taught me.  This has a lot to do with why my game still looks like 1970s women’s tennis.  The only time I’ve ever been to the US Open, it was played at Forest Hills and I skipped watching Chris Evert play singles in the stadium so I could watch Billie Jean and Rosie play doubles in the grandstand.

 Tell us more about your tennis background…

I have no formal training.  I played intramurals in high school and college, but really got involved once I moved to Atlanta in 1989.  Team-based league tennis is huge there, and I immediately joined the team of a college friend.  A couple years later, I discovered that GLTA existed and had an active club in Atlanta.   I played league tennis for 20+ years there, carrying a 4.5 rating throughout my 30s (which I always said was based on my 3.5 strokes and 5.5 legs); my rating dropped to 4.0 when I turned 40 and to 3.5 when I turned 50 L   I’ve played over 30 GLTA tournaments, including 22 consecutive Peaches, but I don’t really travel for those any more.


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